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From 2010

The main LPG distributor in Southwest Romania

LPG trader and cylinder supplier for both industrial and domestic consumers


Advantages of using LPG

The GPL used on apparatus consumerate by gas, same that si on methane gas, convince by the value sa caloric superior, efficient consumption, emissions reduced and independence total girl of other energy sources for heating, food preparation si domestic hot water.

Arde in totalitate

It burns completely

LPG burns completely without producing smoke or toxic gases

Emisii minime de CO2

Minimum CO2 emissions

no fine particles on combustion

ADE Gas nu este toxic

Environmentally friendly and Non toxic

LPG is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and can be used in water protection areas or nature reserves

ADE Gas este usor de transportat

Easy to transport

LPG for heating is easy to transport and store

butelie ADE Gas

Mobile energy

LPG for heating is a mobile energy that you can enjoy wherever there is no natural gas network


Easy to use

Small bulk plants are safe

ADE Gas pentru casa ta


LPG offers a wide range of applications: from heating, hot water, cooking to electricity generation or cooling in caravans.
ADE Gas pentru afacerea ta


We provide companies with the energy they need to meet their energy needs


Own LPG depot and bottling station

Total surface area of 11540 sqm, with a storage capacity of 990 cubic meters (with the help of 6 storage tanks) and a railway exclusively for the transport of our products.

since 2010 we supply energy to partners

Among the main players on the market

A significant part of LPG is sold through Ade Gas networks (about 80% of sales).

We offer skid clearance, installation, maintenance and service.

A fleet of 25 tankers transports autogas from suppliers.

The total autogas transport capacity for all LPG tankers exceeds 805 thousand litres.

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