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Reasons to choose LPG from ADE Gas

15 million cars run on LPG in the European Union. Worldwide there are 27 million and it has to be said, a dual fuel system has a lot of benefits. Let's start with the most obvious: you can fill up for half the price! The major advantage of LPG is the price at the pump. In general 1L of LPG costs up to 50% less than a litre of petrol or diesel. Because it produces less energy than the same volume of petrol or diesel (about 20% less than petrol, for example), fuel costs are 30% less than a petrol engine and 8% less than a diesel engine. On average, LPG is available at 1 in 4 petrol stations in Europe.


- Wholesale and retail LPG dealer in Romania

- Fast-growing trading volumes and retail network

- 77,000 tonnes traded in 2017

- 432 distribution locations served - 25% of the country total

- Strong retail presence in Southern Romania

- Strong trading platform in Romania with growth potential in the Balkans

- Further expansion opportunities in Romania

The GPL-Auto depot is spread over an area of 12,000 m2, equipped with 6 tanks with a total capacity of 990 m3, served by its own industrial railway.